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What helps you learn?

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What helps you learn?

Postby Pete D » Sat 09.08.2007 4:21 am

I was wondering if I could ask a question of the people learning Japanese here. Specifically, what methods have you found helpful in learning the language?

The reason I'm asking is that for a computer science course, I was hoping to create a free Japanese learning aid and release it publically (when looking for something myself, all I could find was paid stuff). It'd be no good me just making any old thing without asking what would be helpful to people, so I turn to you for opinions. :)
Pete D
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RE: What helps you learn?

Postby richvh » Sat 09.08.2007 8:53 am

What I think would be useful, is some sort of text adventure (graphics optional, but the text is the key) with an at least somewhat interesting storyline, and the ability to click on a word to bring up a glossary entry, or grammar point. So far, I've seen nothing like this.
Richard VanHouten
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