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Japanese Furniture

Post by jrivera » Mon 09.10.2007 4:32 pm

I clicked on that sponsored link and it has some beautiful stuff but wayyyyy out of my price range. Anyone know of a furniture place in the NYC metro area that has something more affordable in a Japanese motif?
I'd prefer someplace that has a showroom rather than just online ordering and a recommendation by personal experience rather than from Google (I can do that).
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RE: Japanese Furniture

Post by Feba » Fri 09.21.2007 8:18 am

Also, hate to hijack the thread, but does anyone know where kotatsu can be found in the states? I looked, and even ebay doesn't appear to have anything.

I've never tried one personally, but they just look so freaking comfortable. I could easily see myself falling asleep in one way too often.

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RE: Japanese Furniture

Post by clay » Fri 09.21.2007 8:54 am

Yumi would like a kotatsu. Problem is... we live in Florida. There may be two days out of the year where we could enjoy it. :)

(Or I could turn the air conditioning way down)
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