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Vocab not kanji

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Vocab not kanji

Postby noisyturtle » Wed 10.10.2007 6:49 pm

So everyone says to learn vocab and not kanji. I have no problem with that but I am wondering how you would say it in Japanese.
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RE: Vocab not kanji

Postby hungryhotei » Wed 10.10.2007 7:01 pm

How do you think you would say it?
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RE: Vocab not kanji

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Wed 10.10.2007 7:02 pm


Really the phrase should be "vocab in addition to kanji" rather than "not". There is value in studying the readings and meanings of kanji, as long as you are at the same time studying other things as well.
-Chris Kern
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RE: Vocab not kanji

Postby AJBryant » Thu 10.11.2007 1:57 am

I would say something like 漢字よりコトバを大事にして.

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RE: Vocab not kanji

Postby richvh » Thu 10.11.2007 7:07 am

Richard VanHouten
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