The infidel is dead.

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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by hungryhotei » Wed 10.17.2007 12:52 pm

I think we'll need to have an offical TJP period of mourning. Or at the very least a minute's silence.

TJP won't be the same place without Infidel.

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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by two_heads_talking » Wed 10.17.2007 1:25 pm

ok, times up.. silence is over. mourning is done. infidel is a myth, a legend, like Beowulf. infidel's stories and exploits must be told to everyone. for only in a story is a legend ever able to become infamous.

we will miss you infidel, you big lug.

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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by katafei » Wed 10.17.2007 2:04 pm

Take care, mate.
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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by G-baby » Wed 10.17.2007 3:57 pm

When I saw this topic, I thought you meant Reverend Aldridge.

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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by Hatori » Wed 10.17.2007 5:11 pm

:(I think I'm going to cry.

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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Wed 10.17.2007 6:24 pm

That really sucks. I am going to hate not knowing if I'm talking to you if you do come back, as you've been such a tremendous help. If I don't talk to you again, I hope you know that you did impact my life, for what that's worth. Thanks for everything!! ;)
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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by Harisenbon » Wed 10.17.2007 8:14 pm

Infidel, I'm sorry that you won't be joining us anymore.

I had gotten used to that cute little questioning avatar.
TJP won't be the same without you.

Take cares!
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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by Obsessed_Saru » Wed 10.17.2007 8:33 pm

That really sucks. Ya' know, I kinda (that means a lot) liked you, too...oh poo...I do believe that the sad face is in order :(
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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by burstandbloom » Wed 10.17.2007 8:47 pm


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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by ss » Thu 10.18.2007 2:03 am

I recommend “newcomer” to backward walking and please tell us you are “IamnotLedifni”.

Goosh… take care Ishnar-san and see ya soon.

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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by CajunCoder » Fri 10.19.2007 6:43 pm

To think someone has family that would go so far to harass them...

I know little about you, and nothing of your family, but I hope things go well for you.
Take care, and please do continue to post, even if anonymously.

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Chris Hart
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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by Chris Hart » Fri 10.19.2007 10:42 pm

I agree CajunCoderさん. User formerly known as Infidel, can you at least PM the regulars here, so we know you are the same person. We won't put it in public. (I take it from your post that you aren't going away, just getting a different username.)

It's too bad you have family that would have such a malacious intent. With this, I hope you are able to reconcile your differences with your family. As time goes on, you and they may regret letting something drive you apart.
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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by Ongakuka » Sat 10.20.2007 3:31 pm


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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by queshaw » Sat 10.20.2007 4:51 pm

Wow that sounds really annoying. My family problems aren't that bad.

I guess a new user posting helping things about Japanese and thoughtful things not about Japanese, will be you by a different name.

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RE: The infidel is dead.

Post by Oni » Sun 10.21.2007 3:14 am



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