University of Hawaii?

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University of Hawaii?

Post by Jotrin » Thu 10.18.2007 6:27 pm

I'm hoping/planning to go to the University of Hawaii the year after next to get a BA in Japanese. I've heard vaguely from a few people that the U of H has the best/most thorough Japanese program, but chances are I'll be checking out the program via campus visit just to make sure I'm not wasting my money on a program that is hopelessly uneven (ex: great for kanji, but totally lacking in conversational skills) or just plain bad.

Anyways, since nearly all my information on this school comes from their own website I'm interested in hearing some outside views on their program, especially in comparison to other colleges.

Their complete Japanese course offers are listed here:
Hiragana: 46/46
Katakana: 46/46
Kanji: <500, but working on it.

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RE: University of Hawaii?

Post by AJBryant » Thu 10.18.2007 7:23 pm

UofH is great. I can't recommend it highly enough.

They also have Farris there, who is a god among Japanese historians.


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