How to wirite correctly?

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How to wirite correctly?

Post by alx123 » Thu 10.18.2007 9:32 pm

こんにちは。!! I dont know this goes in here so if not sorry.
The problem I have is if I suppose to write with spaces or without????
like this: わたしは パナマ人 です。
or like: わたしはパナマ人です。

??? It looks lke is the second one but I dont really know!.

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RE: How to wirite correctly?

Post by Chris Hart » Thu 10.18.2007 9:44 pm

Second one, it is

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RE: How to wirite correctly?

Post by saraLynne » Thu 10.18.2007 10:13 pm

As a student, if it's still hard for you to break sentences into pieces in your head, then you CAN write them with spaces for now and still be understood. Also, if you write in all kana, they tend to break those into spaces too (like for children).

But, yes, the eventual goal is to be able to read and write them without the spaces at all.

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