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漢字s, 漫画s, アニメs

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漢字s, 漫画s, アニメs

Postby Cone » Mon 10.22.2007 2:03 am

Anyone else find it strange and hilarious when people add the plural 's' to Japanese words? When my teacher says "today I will teach you kanjis", I can't help but laugh a little.
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RE: 漢字s, 漫画s, アニメs

Postby Wakannai » Mon 10.22.2007 2:14 am

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RE: 漢字s, 漫画s, アニメs

Postby stevie » Mon 10.22.2007 3:02 am

Come to think of it, I think it's very rare that I hear 'kanji' pluralised, if at all. Every Japanese person I know with no exception just says 'Chinese characters' (well, when speaking in english obviously) and every non-Japanese person I know either says 'kanji', 'the symbols', or 'the characters'.

But yes, it does sound quite odd.
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RE: 漢字s, 漫画s, アニメs

Postby inuinu » Mon 10.22.2007 3:21 am

yes a little :)

tasukeru kotoga dekiru nara
tasuketai to omou.
dakedo eigo ha nigate.
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RE: 漢字s, 漫画s, アニメs

Postby JaySee » Mon 10.22.2007 5:20 am

I don't really see what's so strange and hilarious about it. 'Manga' and 'anime' for example are words that have really become part of the English language and are used all the time by people who don't speak any Japanese; you can't really expect them to know the 'proper' plural forms. Just like when you're speaking Japanese you should say 'konpuyuutaa' instead of 'computer', I don't think it's that weird when speakers of English modify borrowings to fit the model of their own language.
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RE: 漢字s, 漫画s, アニメs

Postby saraLynne » Mon 10.22.2007 6:31 am

JaySee, I realize you might be speaking from the perspective of a native Japanese pluralizing 'kanji' with an 's', though I have heard/read english speakers doing the same, and in those instances it is a little odd. ^_^

There are two reasons why the word kanji as a particular case strikes me funny when people pluralize it with an 's'.

1) The rarity at which I encounter people using an 's', even among friends and relatives who do not study japanese, don't know a whit about japan and definitely aren't linguists. This leads me to believe that MOST people already consider 'kanji' to be a collective noun unless explicitly declared singular by the use of a definite article.

2) English already has several plurals that end in 'i' and it has always seemed very natural to me to think of the word as a plural/collective (ties in with #1, I guess).
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