Any other languages?

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RE: Any other languages?

Post by LustBaka » Thu 01.24.2008 2:01 pm

i'm fluent in english. Right now I'm learning Japanese and German. After I'm through with these two I'm going to learn Italian.

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RE: Any other languages?

Post by sei » Thu 01.24.2008 4:24 pm

I thought I had replied to this thread before...

I'm fluent in Portuguese (native) and English. I can read, speak and understand Spanish almost perfectly, but I can't write it that well (I never actually studied it, it's just so close to Portuguese that after awhile of hearing it and reading it it comes naturally.) I studied French for 2 years and Italian for 1. I don't remember much from either, but I can at least read and understand spoken French a bit. Italian not so much.

Currently I'm studying Japanese and Russian. Japanese in first place though.

Well... I guess I should count the Sign Language course I'm taking as soon as next semester starts. (I love it, but the reason I'm taking it is because I'll have an intensive class on my 4th year in College, and since this course is free, I should try getting some basics so the class later on will become easier.)

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