Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get the

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Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get the

Post by blueninja12 » Tue 07.19.2005 11:08 pm

hello everyone!! (^_^)
I just started learning Japanese, growing up from a childhood of playing rpgs and wanting to learn another language. I learned a little spanish but I think their culture is boring compared to Japan's. Japan has a very rich history and even as a Christian I love studying their way of thinking about religion. I'm 19 years old right now and I'm going to a very small college that doesn't offer Japanese :( I wish they did because I would take it right away. I also can't find any Japanese classes around here so I decided to start learning on my own. I'm pretty fast at learning and I'm ready for a good challenge. The more I learn Japanese, the more I want to visit the great place where the language is spoken, but right now I'm just wondering how to make this possible. As I reflect on what career path I will choose and what skills I will learn, I wonder if they will be something that will allow me to maybe go work in Japan for some time to experience it. I'm out of highschool so the exchange student option is over for me :(. I don't have much money, but I'm gonna try my best to save up so I can visit there. My questions is what are different ways I may be able to go their.. what kinds of jobs can an american get? how are americans recieved there. and I'm sure you could think of other questions that I might have asked that are obvious. I'm not sure if I want to live there forever..but I would like to atleast go visit for long periods of times and do work there. I'm just trying to get ideas so I can plan my choices right now accordingly. well please write back. everyone let me know what comes to mind after reading my post. I look forward to your replys. Its nice that we all share the same love for a place, and I'm sure you can understand my zeal to visit Japan and really experience it. Goodnight!

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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by MenomaMinx » Tue 07.19.2005 11:56 pm

Here is a job finding Web site for foreigners -- including Americans :-)


You would be surprised about some of the religious views of modern Japanese. In fact, I've just met a man who invited me to come stay with him at his house should I go to Tokyo. He told me that his entire family are Christians. I got the impression that he was raised as such, and he's not a first Japanese person I've gotten that impression from.

I've even noticed recently that a lot of popular music stars over there are wearing clothing or even singing lyrics that indicate they are Christians.

Not saying that Christians are anything like a majority over there, because they're not. However, you should be able to find a church to go to on Sunday if you're in a major city :-)

Another thing to consider is that they do exchange student programs for colleges. I never heard of it before either until recently, but I've seen people writing about how their colleges have exchange student programs with various foreign universities -- so it may be something you want to look into.
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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by Schattenjedi » Wed 07.20.2005 8:25 am

Just because they wear Christian clothes or accessories doesn't mean they are Christian or believe in God. A lot wear crosses and such just as a style and without any belief in the religion. Similarly the majority of Japanese do Christian weddings although they aren't Christian. The religion is taken mostly at face value without any religious belief. Japanese have no problem having a Christian wedding and a Buddhist funeral.

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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by maikeru » Thu 07.21.2005 5:32 am

blueninja12 wrote:
I'm going to a very small college that doesn't offer Japanese :(
Can you take a course by correspondence? I go to a school that doesn't have a Japanese class but I do my course by correspondence so I get CDs to listen to and booklets to complete. I send my work to my teacher and he sends it back.....sometimes I might record on a tape........

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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by lomagu » Thu 07.21.2005 7:40 am

I think most people get to Japan by teaching English. That's my case anyway. I'd never have enough money to stay for a reasonable length of time if I wasn't working here. You can see & experience so much more when you work & live in a country rather than just being a tourist. ;)

Just out of curiosity, have you studied much about Japanese history/religion? I took a course on Japanese culture a couple years ago & I'm just curious about what other people have to say about it.
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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by blueninja12 » Thu 07.21.2005 12:34 pm

no.. I haven't studies Japanese history or culture but I'd like to as a hobby. It is interesting. thanks for the responses.

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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by sa » Fri 07.22.2005 3:14 pm

I think it is surely useful because this is an official information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. 


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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by skrhgh3b » Sun 07.24.2005 4:49 am

i recently returned home from my first trip to japan (naturally, i hope there will be more in the future), and my best advice for you is what worked for me: find a japanese penpal. if you're as lucky as i am, you'll find a surprisingly rich and rewarding experience. i never imagined i would have the chance to travel to japan before graduating college through some program like jet, but sure enough, i made a good friend who soon welcomed me into her family. and i'm talking budget travel, too. besides my round-trip ticket and $300 pocket cash, i essentially lived in japan for a month meal and rent free - a guest in every sense of the word. but morever, having a japanese friend will make all the difference - you'll see more than the japan for tourists.

on a less than lighter note, i know there are a lot of fan boys and girls with japan fetishes, but the place is not a utopia. you'll either love it or hate it, and you may surprisingly hate it. it's polluted and cramped. the japanese at their best will stare at you rudely, and at their worst will be downright xenophobic. i only say this so you'll be prepared. i myself had the most wonderful experience of my life.

as far religion, my japanese friend assured me that most japanese don't believe in god, or any god for that matter, and i found that increadibly refreshing. most japanese, i found, are spiritual without being dogmatic... at least in the sense that most americans are. it was difficult to explain to her why my home state of kansas keeps trying to outlaw the teaching of evolution.... on the other hand, it may explain why pornography is sold through vending machines on public streets for any child passing by to see. but hey, that's my kind of place.
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RE: Dreaming about my first trip to Japan and how I will get

Post by Mukade » Sun 07.24.2005 7:54 am

The JET programme is an easy way to get to Japan.

They accept most anyone with a college degree, and they will set you up in a school (or schools) in Japan, arrange for your housing, take care of your visa and organize your flight to Japan. They offer employment via one-year, renewable up to three years, contracts.

The JET programme has a correspondence Japanese course that they offer, and the pay is, if not ideal, certainly better than most eikaiwa you'll find over here.

The JET participants tend to form a pretty tight-knit community/support network, so even if you're placed out in the boonies you'll have some people who can help you through any tough situations while you're here.

And while you're working for JET, you can be 'testing the waters' to see if you like Japan, and if so, you can start investigating ways to stay on after your JET contract is up.

The website address for JET is: http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/jet/apply.html

They usually have recruiting drives once a year. You have to find a recruiting center near you and do your interview there (there's one in New Orleans). Since the whole application process cana take a year, you need to research it and make sure you get the timing down right with your graduation from college (if you intend on going right after graduation).

A lot of the literature for JET may seem overwhelming, and you may get the impression that you have to have all kinds of qualifications to get into the program, but don't let that worry you. All kinds of people have gotten into the JET program. Unless you're a 40-year-old convicted drug dealer and child molestor, you should be able to get in. :)

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