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ask name in japanese

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ask name in japanese

Postby noviceAnimeFreak » Fri 11.09.2007 4:04 am

so if i were to ask sumone their name is this correct?

anatano nan nama desu ka?
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RE: ask name in japanese

Postby Harisenbon » Fri 11.09.2007 4:18 am

I'm not quite sure what a "sumone" is, but in case you're asking what someone's name is あなたの なまえは なんですか? would be correct.

You have something that vaguely resembles "Are you raw?" ;)
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RE: ask name in japanese

Postby Oyaji » Fri 11.09.2007 4:48 am

Harisenbon's answer is the textbook answer, and it is what a beginner should probably learn first.

In daily life the way I probably hear it said most often is 「お名前は?」(o namae wa?).
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RE: ask name in japanese

Postby two_heads_talking » Fri 11.09.2007 9:48 am

Harisenbon wrote:
あなたの なまえは なんですか? ;)

anata no namae wa nan desuka? (in romaji in case your kana is weak.)
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