Kana symbols are not consistent on different learning sites

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Kana symbols are not consistent on different learning sites

Post by blueninja12 » Thu 07.21.2005 12:40 pm

Hey.. I'm in the process of learning my Hiragana, but I've come across some of them that are written in different ways. For example.. The symbol for KI that looks like a key isn't that same on another website. It is four strokes on another one. should I memorize both forms of it.. because some of them look a lot different. or would learning just the forms on this page be perfect. thanks for the help

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RE: Kana symbols are not consistent on different learning si

Post by MenomaMinx » Thu 07.21.2005 3:01 pm

Iran into this when I was first learning too and it drove me absolutely bonkers!

The worst culprit is the character for so in hiragana. Followed by any character that has a tail to it on the bottom.. And then you're going to discover the one stroke wonders of the world, who believe they never actually have to lift their pen to write any character despite centuries of teaching to the contrary ;-)

Yes, hand written Japanese is a mess that has leaped over to the electronic media format. However, is it really so surprising, considering the mess most people make when writing English characters ;-)

My advice to you would be go to the store if you're still learning and learn the writing style taught in the two books called

"Let's Learn Hiragana" and "Let's Learn Katakana"

As they have the most natural looking results from their teaching methods for writing the kana.

For reading other people's handwriting, including Web sites various fonts; your first instinct was correct in that you're going to have to memorize the other potential writings of the characters.
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