masu-stem to connect sentences

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masu-stem to connect sentences

Post by m_ » Mon 06.22.2009 4:38 am


Wonder if you could explain to me what is the difference between using masu-stem to connect sentences and using te-form to connect sentences?

Here are some examples.




When do I use masu-stem to connect sentences?
What does it mean to use masu-stem to connect sentences?
If I use te-form instead for the above highlighted, is it ok?

Appreciate any help!

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Re: masu-stem to connect sentences

Post by NocturnalOcean » Mon 06.22.2009 5:20 am

ます・stem and て is pretty much interchangeable. However, in written Japanese, you will see ます・stem used a lot, but not so much in spoken Japanese. Using a lot of て in written Japanese is, rather "immature" writing. I remember I was corrected on that when I was at University in Japan.

So if you have a sentence with -te, -te, -te....
Changing to masu-stem, masu-stem, te.... Would probably sound much better.

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Re: masu-stem to connect sentences

Post by keatonatron » Tue 06.23.2009 2:37 am

The short answer: masu-stem form is the extra-formal way of connecting sentences. Te-form is informal/normal.

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