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Postby CerpinTaxt » Sat 08.01.2009 1:13 am

So I see this all the time on ニコニコ but I never really grasped the meaning. I understand that 普通 means normal/ordinary and can understand its use in a sentence like  普通に英語を話せたい。(I want to be able to speak English normally. Correct? )

That all seems simple but the comments in ニコニコ are usually along the lines of 普通に上手い. First thing that comes to mind is "skilled like normal" or "skillfully done like normal" which barely makes sense in English. Maybe I just can't think of a good way to word this in English, which usually doesn't bother me, or maybe I'm just misunderstanding the grammar here? Or maybe I shouldn't be using ニコニコ to pick up Japanese :lol:

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: 普通にX

Postby NocturnalOcean » Sat 08.01.2009 5:19 am

Well, by it self 普通に could be translated to "normally".
But 普通にうまい is something that is popular among younger people these days. In this case 普通に has the same meaning as すごく, 非常に, とても.

Maybe something like this would be possible:

A: 俺、下手なんだよ.
B: へえ、普通にうまいじゃん。
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Re: 普通にX

Postby inuinu » Sat 08.01.2009 6:59 am





tasukeru kotoga dekiru nara
tasuketai to omou.
dakedo eigo ha nigate.
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Re: 普通にX

Postby NileCat » Sat 08.01.2009 2:56 pm

Hi, I'm a newbie here.
I just came across this page and found it very intriguing.

The both answers above seem to be plausible to me.
If anything, I think it could be used as a kind of modifiers in the statements.

この料理、普通にまずくない? (まずくね?)
そんな事故って、普通にあり得なくない? (あり得なくね?)

The nuance and the degree of the bad taste or the impossibility is almost same even if you erase the term "普通に".
But the existence of the word gives somewhat a sense of perspective viewpoint, like saying "this is
not an extreme opinion of me alone".

I`m studying English and not quite sure if my explanation is understandable.
But I hope it would be helpful to you. :D
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Re: 普通にX

Postby CerpinTaxt » Sun 08.02.2009 12:38 am

Thanks for the explanations everybody! Definitely cleared it up for me.
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