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"have not done yet"

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"have not done yet"

Postby Strawberry_Juice » Wed 08.05.2009 2:21 pm

Whoah, long time, no post. Anyway, I've been mulling some structures around trying to review for a placement exam soon, and I'm ironically stuck on coming up with the sentence "I still have not studied for the exam." (though I swear I'm doing that now!)

Specifically the "have not done yet" part that I want to convey, and I've been tossing several things around.

私は試験のためにまだ勉強しなかった。 -- Kinda feels to me like "I still did not study for the exam."
私は試験のためにまだ勉強していない/していなかった。 -- Still awkward to me...

I don't have much practice using 〜ておく, but perhaps it works here, as far as having the connotation of doing something as preparation. Still, while I have seen its negative form used a few times, I'm still a little unsure as to its appropriateness here:


If using 〜ておく like this is correct, then is what sounds the best to me. Still, I'm not sure. Maybe I'm making things too complicated and there's something else that works much better. Thank you for any advice! :)
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Re: "have not done yet"

Postby Mike Cash » Wed 08.05.2009 3:40 pm

The difference between the two is that of "hadn't" and "haven't". You, of course, want the latter.

You can shorten the term to 試験勉強, by the way.

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Re: "have not done yet"

Postby coco » Wed 08.05.2009 9:18 pm

お帰りなさい! :)
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Strawberry_Juice wrote:Still, while I have seen its negative form used a few times, I'm still a little unsure as to its appropriateness here:


I have hardly seen a negative form of ておく(=ておかなかった/ておきませんでした) that is used for mentioning something the speaker haven't done which s/he was supposed to do.

As for ておく, this thread may help, though there are many 文字化け and a broken link there.

Hope my poor English makes sense.
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Re: "have not done yet"

Postby flammable hippo » Wed 08.05.2009 9:37 pm

Hope my poor English makes sense.

Don't be so modest, your English is great! :D
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