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View topic - 私だけが vs。 。。。のは私だけです。

私だけが vs。 。。。のは私だけです。

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私だけが vs。 。。。のは私だけです。

Postby sampaguita » Mon 08.17.2009 3:26 am

Hello minna-san! What is the difference between the two sentences below? My main concern is the effect of the locatio of だけ:

1. ほんとうのおまえを知ってるのは、私だけです。
2. 私だけが、ほんとうのおまえを知ってる。

If I look at the grammar, they look the same, but I think there are nuances which I do not understand...

Thank you!
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Re: 私だけが vs。 。。。のは私だけです。

Postby keatonatron » Mon 08.17.2009 4:17 am

There isn't a big difference in nuance, it's really just a matter of if you want to put the "only me" at the beginning or end of the sentence. Sometimes, according to the context of the conversation, one or the other will have more impact.

The second example would probably be the most common way to say "I'm the only one who knows the real you." The first sentence could be used, for example, when someone believes otherwise (because the most important part of a sentence comes at the end):

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