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Counting short stories

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Counting short stories

Postby agathe » Tue 08.25.2009 1:32 pm

I am working my way through the "Read real Japanese" books and I want to decribe them to my teacher. There are two books. One has 6 short stories the other has 8. The counter for books is 冊. Is it the same for short stories? Could I write something like this:

本の"Read real Japanese"は二冊です。"Essays"と"Fiction"です。本の"Essays"で6冊小説あります。"Fiction"で8冊のです。

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Re: Counting short stories

Postby clay » Tue 08.25.2009 2:36 pm

Interesting question. I bet it is 話 (wa), but I am not sure.
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Re: Counting short stories

Postby NileCat » Tue 08.25.2009 2:58 pm

Hi, Agathe.
The counters are always confusing, aren't they? It's same here.
The proper counter for 'stories' is '編or篇'(へん)or '本'(ほんorぽん)
If it is an official writing or exam, you shoud use them.
But in many cases, you can use '一つ、二つ、三つ、四つ' instead.
Because it's... easier even for us natives.
篇 → 本 → つ
perfect → most commonly used → acceptable in many casual occasions

"Read real Japanese"の本は二冊あります。
"Essays" と "Fiction" です。
"Essays" には小説が6本(ろっぽん)あります。"Fiction" には8本(はっぽん)です。

"Essays" には小説が6本入っています。(はいっています)
is also commonly used. Which means ' in it '. Meaningwise, it would make it clearer.

話(わ)is also correct.
But it is usually used only when the stories are fictional and consecutive (like...episode3..or something).
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Re: Counting short stories

Postby agathe » Tue 08.25.2009 3:39 pm


I will try to use 篇, but if I forget it I think I will be able to remeber 本. None of the stories are consecutive so I will save 話 for later use :)

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Re: Counting short stories

Postby jcdietz03 » Tue 08.25.2009 9:51 pm

Just remember: (but only if you like InuYasha)
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