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~り and ~つ forms

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~り and ~つ forms

Postby みどり » Thu 10.08.2009 1:58 pm

Today I found a phrase あったりなかったり which I don't fully understand (does it mean "to be and disappear"?). I knew similar construction 行ったり来たり before, which means "to go back and forth", so I was curious to know more about this ~り form. I checked some grammar books but they don't say anything about it. In addition to that I also found another sentence that has ~つ form, which is used in similar way as ~り. The sentence sounds like this: 彼は部屋の中を行きつもどりつした and I guess it means "he walked back and forth in the room".

Can someone help and explain more about ~り and ~つ? How and when they are used?

Big ありがとう :)
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Re: ~り and ~つ forms

Postby NileCat » Thu 10.08.2009 3:02 pm

連用形 + 「たり」 
It's used to describe two things parallel.

「あったりなかったり」 sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't...
「行ったり来たり」 you go, you come back... (back and forth)
「泣いたり笑ったり」 cry → laugh → cry... (tears and laughter)
「出たり入ったり」 (imagine a busy store entrance...people come in and..)

Almost same meaning as 「・・・たり・・・たり」. But it's a kind of archaic expression.
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Re: ~り and ~つ forms

Postby みどり » Thu 10.08.2009 3:59 pm

今わかります。お疲れ様です :)
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