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Postby luna-xxy » Wed 11.04.2009 11:33 pm

In terms of applying to a program such as study abroad is it more common to use 応募する or 申し込む?


This seems like a silly question, but I would like to know. Maybe there is a different word all together? Am I using the right particles? Please help!
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Re: 「応募する、申し込む」の違いは?

Postby magamo » Thu 11.05.2009 2:51 am

Generally speaking, 申し込む has a wider meaning. You could define 応募する as 募集に応じて申し込むこと. Here are some typical usages of 申し込む that 応募する doesn't have:

結婚を申し込む (to ask someone to marry me/him/etc.),
決闘を申し込む (to challenge somebody to a duel),
議事録の閲覧を申し込む (to ask for permission to read a meeting transcript).

結婚, 決闘, and 議事録の閲覧 are not considered 募集, so you don't use 応募する. Most of the time 申し込む also works if 応募する is ok. But there are examples where 応募する sounds better than 申し込む, e.g.,

懸賞に応募する (to enter a prize draw).

I think this kind of exception is due to collocation than difference in meaning, so you have to learn them one by one.

Also, when you apply for college, high school and whatnot, usually you use 出願する.

As for 留学に応募しています vs. 留学に申し込んでいます, if I were to express the idea, I'd say something like "海外留学しようと思っていまして、今その手続きをしているところです。" because it sounds more idiomatic to me. I wouldn't say either of the example phrases you posted. I understand what they mean though. Google only shows one result for each phrase too (except for this thread, of course).

Edit: fixed my grammar.
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Re: 「応募する、申し込む」の違いは?

Postby keatonatron » Thu 11.05.2009 11:07 am

The simplest explanation:

応募 = Enter (a contest, drawing, etc.)
申し込む = apply (for a bank account, phone service, etc.)
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Re: 「応募する、申し込む」の違いは?

Postby luna-xxy » Thu 11.05.2009 3:12 pm

Both of your replies were helpful. ありがとうございます! (^_^)v
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