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View topic - いったい from いったいぜんだい?

いったい from いったいぜんだい?

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いったい from いったいぜんだい?

Postby DarumaBlue » Mon 11.09.2009 1:49 pm

いったい shows up a lot in both anime and manga. As far as I can tell, it's a colloquial expression of surprise, shock or disbelief. However, when I look up いったい in the dictionary, it shows up as いったいぜんだい. Is the former an even more informal version than the latter? I don't think I've ever heard the ぜんだい part.
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Re: いったい from いったいぜんだい?

Postby Lucas89 » Mon 11.09.2009 2:05 pm

I don't know about the ぜんだい bit but I can think of two things:

一体何してんだ?! - What on earth are you doing?! (Or something to that effect)
一体どこにいる? - Where on earth are you?
Your getting the pattern here... Where on earth... What on earth... What in the world... What the, etc.

The other one I can think of is just 痛い being said as いったい when someone might be in pain.

I'm thinking it's 一体 that you want to look up.
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Re: いったい from いったいぜんだい?

Postby wccrawford » Mon 11.09.2009 3:09 pm

Wow, thanks Lucas89! I was -way- off on what I assumed it meant, having never looked it up.
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Re: いったい from いったいぜんだい?

Postby shin1ro » Thu 11.12.2009 12:50 pm

Hi DarumaBlue,

It has to be いったいぜん「た」い (一体全体), not いったいぜんだい :)
And you may already know, いったいぜんたい is an emphasized version of いったい.

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