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"Stop raining" in Japanese

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Re: "Stop raining" in Japanese

Postby AJBryant » Sat 01.02.2010 2:17 pm

mbridge wrote:The incorrect fragmented phrase "May I help who's next?

How is that "incorrect"?

"May I help who [a pronoun] is next" is fine. If you want to make it longer, you could say "May I help the person who is next", but that's no difference.
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Re: "Stop raining" in Japanese

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 01.04.2010 5:23 pm

mbridge wrote:I don't know if this is the direction you're looking to go into, but I was thinking it's a little weird to talk to a thing that isn't alive, so maybe a phrase like "please stop raining" (which is a mix-up of polite and rude btw, even in English, such as the incorrect fragmented phrase "May I help who's next?") should be considered in a phrase that one would say as a comment to another person, or as a phrase one would utter to oneself, such as

Honestly, there is nothing rude about 'please stop raining.' Just like there is nothing rude about saying 'please stop snowing' or any other form of exasperated plea to the elements. The elements do not demand politeness (as one could infer if one were cursing diety for some misfortune.) or any other form of special speach.. Although as was mentioned earlier, if one were 'cursing' diety for the rain, then it might warrant or merit 'polite' speech.

In context, depending on how one says 'Please! (exasperated tone/ voice raised) Stop raining. (pleading/begging/voice lowered) It could very well be considered polite.
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Re: "Stop raining" in Japanese

Postby Ranja » Wed 01.06.2010 8:21 am

How about "雨よ やめ" or "雨よ あがれ!" ?
Both are very common standard Japanese sentences.
あしたは ピクニックなのに... (looking up the sky) 雨、はやく やめ!
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Re: "Stop raining" in Japanese

Postby Hektor6766 » Wed 01.06.2010 8:49 pm

Do Japanese children say a nursery rhyme similar to "Rain, rain, go away/Come again some other day..."?
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