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Postby fiasco » Wed 02.24.2010 5:33 am

Sometime ago, I was talking with my japanese friend and he used this word 差しつ差されつ. I didn't understand him and wanted him to explain but he said that I should try to find out on my own. So I checked some dictionaries and everywhere it was explained as "drinking (sake) together". But when I told him that if he wanted drinking with me it's fine with me, he said that he didn't mean drinking and and didn't want to explain the meaning of this word.
I looked for the other meanings of 差しつ差されつ but beside the "drinking together" I haven't found anything else.
Is there any other meaning to this expression or he was just making fun of me?

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Re: 差しつ差されつ

Postby Harisenbon » Wed 02.24.2010 6:25 am

IANANS, but I'm pretty sure it refers to helping someone, and being helped in return -- much like when you are pouring sake for a friend, and he is pouring it in return.
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Re: 差しつ差されつ

Postby Mystique » Wed 02.24.2010 4:31 pm

You might want to look up the grammar...


which generally shows the repetition of 2 actions.

In the case of 差しつ差されつ, it mean pouring (wine/sake) for someone and getting (wine/sake) poured by the same person.

A few examples here...


Hope that helps.
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