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Postby Kukaelio'ono » Thu 08.12.2010 2:26 pm

Hi everyone I guess this is an easy question but I've always wondered what these two structures mean:

verb~気ですか?(気かい?) EX.私を怒らせる気ですか?


Also, to avoid posting another topic, does anyone know a good site (free) that offers 聞き取りfor intermediate learners?
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Re: 気ですか,気に入って、etc...

Postby furrykef » Thu 08.12.2010 4:03 pm

気に入る means "to like something", according to WWWJDIC. It seems to be generally synonymous with 好きだ.

My Pocket Kenkyusha gives "intention; will" as one definition of 気, with the example あの人と結婚する気はありません -- "I have no intention of marrying him."

I'm guessing that 私を怒らせる気ですか? is therefore literally "Do you intend to cause me to be mad?", or more idiomatically, for example, "Are you trying to make me mad?"
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