Email writing...Please check/Help! Arigatou!

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Email writing...Please check/Help! Arigatou!

Post by rachxo » Sat 09.11.2010 12:56 pm

Hi! I would like to thank my teacher for showing me how to open up an email in Japanese (by that, i mean how to start the email, etc properly) I wrote this: 日本語で、電子メールの正しい書く方を教えてくれて、ありがとうございました。

それはただしいですか?分かりません。もし、だれかは、チェックすれば、私はうれしくなります!ありがとう。 (I hope that was correct as well... that was not to the teacher lol but to the forum... was it right? I was trying to say if somebody could check it, then i'd be happy!) Also, with the sentence to my teacher, is there a more polite way to say that? How would I also say, Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday. (I know basic form but I would really like to not make a fool of myself LOL so i would appreciate some help)

One more thing! :P The ~you form... how many different types are there? And how do you use it? I know it will be on the JLPT in December and I'm nervous about it. Anybody know of a good site for JLPT resources? :) ) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Re: Email writing...Please check/Help! Arigatou!

Post by NileCat » Sat 09.11.2010 2:38 pm

Hi rachxo,

Your Japanese sentences make sense. I totally understood what you said.
The followings are corrections in case you want to make them grammatically correct and more natural.

The first sentence to your teacher:
電子メールの正しい書き方 is the right one.
電子メールの of e-mail
正しい(adjective) correct/proper
書き方(noun) way of writing

日本語の "of Japanese"
日本語での "in Japanese"
In your sentence, either will do.

日本語で also means "in Japanese" though, the "で" requires a corresponding verb such as "日本語で書く" or "日本語で話す".or "日本語で送る" So, if you want to use the 日本語で, the sentence should be like this:
日本語で電子メールを書くときの正しい書き方 is also fine. But some people wouldn't like the repeat of the same 書 in a sentence.

And 敬語 (honorific expression),
The most polite one would be:
くださる(下さる) is the dictionary form.

x もし、だれかは、チェックすれば、私はうれしくなります。x
もし <--- fine
だれかが (どなたか sounds more polite)
チェックしてくれれば (passive)
うれしいです (simple and natural expression. not very polite, though)

If you want to make it more polite;
ありがとう <-- I see this is a thank you advance, right?
In Japanese we frequently use よろしくお願いします.

would sound perfect, I think.

Concerning the you form,
In many cases, あなた is the most convenient.
But we usually call our teacher "○○先生". or just 先生.

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Re: Email writing...Please check/Help! Arigatou!

Post by rachxo » Sat 09.11.2010 3:56 pm

^^ Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciated it! You explained it really well and I understand now! Arigatou gozaimashita :)

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