Tell me about the voices you hear

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Tell me about the voices you hear

Post by Cyborg Ninja » Wed 12.15.2010 7:23 pm

I wonder about how to translate the above sentence. Since I'd like to make sure of the grammar rule, I'm posting the topic on this board.

"Tell me about the voices you hear."
Translation (sorry for romaji):
"koe wo kiku no wo oshiete kudasai"
"koe wo kiku koto wo oshiete kudasai"

Is either of those translations correct? My grasp of altering verbs into nouns is not perfect.

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Re: Tell me about the voices you hear

Post by furrykef » Wed 12.15.2010 8:47 pm

I think: (あなたが)聞く声について教えてください。

I put the あなたが in parentheses because you'd usually leave it out unless for some reason its omission would be ambiguous.

Your English sentence uses a relative clause (the voices that you hear -- though you left the "that" implied), so it seems to me that it should be translated using one. 聞く声 = "voices that you hear", literally "the you-hear voices".
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