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'wo' as 'o'

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'wo' as 'o'

Postby b4d0m3n » Mon 10.03.2005 10:20 pm

Hello there. What is the difference between reading as 'wo' or 'o'?
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RE: 'wo' as 'o'

Postby phreak » Mon 10.03.2005 10:34 pm

Well, basically, you can read it as both ways. 'wo' was used a long time ago, but it slowly transformed to 'o' (same with 'he' and 'e'). Both ways of pronouncing it is acceptable, but in modern times, it would probably be better to use 'o.' It's easier to say anyway. ^_^
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RE: 'wo' as 'o'

Postby KeroGero » Mon 10.03.2005 10:39 pm

The proper pronounciation is "o".
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