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ぬ used as a negative

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ぬ used as a negative

Postby ryuubu » Mon 10.03.2005 11:40 pm

I came across a piece of grammar I haven't seen yet, and am wondering what it's real meaning is:

誰知らぬ = noone knows
他ならぬ = nothing but

I understand how to make this form, but what is its exact meaning? What connotations does it have and how formal is it?

And can someone provide more examples?



I've also seen some adjectives ending in nu. How is this:

底知れぬ bottomless
虫も殺さぬ innocent-looking

How do I use/ conjugate these?

Thanks x2
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RE: ぬ used as a negative

Postby Harisenbon » Tue 10.04.2005 12:15 am

the ぬ ending has the same meaning as ない form. However, it is slightly more old-fashioned. Sakura Momoko (an author) writes with ぬ alot in order to give herself an old granny kind of feel to her writing.

I don't consider it very formal, more coloquial in feeling. Someone may have some better information, as mine just comes from experience.

底知れぬ and 虫も殺さぬ are not really adjectives. The Daijirin lists both of them as 連語 (compound words). They are also listed in their modern form 底知らない and 虫も殺さない, not in their older forms.

in usage, they would be used as such
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RE: ぬ used as a negative

Postby ryuubu » Tue 10.04.2005 3:21 am

Figured it must've been like that. Awesome. There aren't so many verbs ending in nu... :s most are just compounds of shinu... Tis strange.
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