2 questions

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2 questions

Post by iangaburieru » Mon 12.27.2010 4:41 am

what is the difference of "furui" and "furuku"?

when asking questions you add "ka" to the end of the sentence right?
why is it he asking "How about you?" why is it just "anata wa"? why not "anata wa ka"?

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Re: 2 questions

Post by Dustin » Mon 12.27.2010 5:26 am

Basically the difference between furui and furuku, is furui directly modifies a noun as an adjective, and furuku modifies a verb as an adverb. They share the same base word.

It might me easiest to think of -ku like "ly"   

A slow car. Adjective. What slow is describing, is the car.
He drove slowly. Adverb. What slow is describing, is the driving.

As for your question about anata wa, in plain speech, you can drop the ka since it's assumed. Similar to "How are you?" "I am good, you?" Simply drop the question word since it's assumed from context.

I used English examples to just make it easier to get your head around it and I had no idea what your Japanese level is.

I am sure someone else will also chime in on this, but I hope I was at least a little help :D

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