... you can smile sometimes

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Cyborg Ninja
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... you can smile sometimes

Post by Cyborg Ninja » Thu 06.30.2011 11:06 pm

"Even in these circumstances, you can smile sometimes."

I want to think of how to translate that sentence. I'm going to try to translate the second part, since that was what came to mind first:


Do either of those have the correct grammar? And how about this for the beginning:


I don't know how to say "circumstances" or how to combine the two clauses.

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Re: ... you can smile sometimes

Post by Ongakuka » Fri 07.01.2011 2:22 am

how about こんな状態でも笑うことができる

(alternatively, こんな状態になっても笑うことができる)

I tried to explain here why I wanted to go with ことができる instead of 笑える but I can't so I'll leave it at that. Circumstances is 状態 , you probably have seen it before and should definitely learn it if you haven't. 'Moshi' suggests 'if' to me, and there is no 'if' in the sentence so I didn't include it.

The 'tokidoki' is a different matter. I thinking adding it to my sentence makes it sound weird and I don't think it needs it. However, if you want it I'll have to rethink.

I'm prone to making mistakes and I apologize in advance if there are any here.

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Re: ... you can smile sometimes

Post by OitaFish » Mon 07.04.2011 10:52 am

Rather than ことができる, how about 時もある?

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