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Postby KeroGero » Mon 10.17.2005 12:00 am

〜てくれ I've seen this verb form used a few times in the past, yet I haven't been able to find an explaination. Based on translations, I've come to the conclusion that it's kind of a... imperative... um... "please" sort of thing... if that makes any sense...

So, can anyone tell me what it really means?
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RE: 〜てくれ

Postby nprz » Mon 10.17.2005 12:39 am

It is imperative. It just comes from くれる meaning to give. It is usually used only by males and either with close friends or when the person is superior.
It has the same meaning as 〜てください except when/who it is used with is totally different.
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RE: 〜てくれ

Postby Kates » Mon 10.17.2005 9:16 am

Also, 〜てくれ's "textbook form" is 〜てくれる, which can be used by anyone (just so the girls know that there's a form for them to use, too!) I tend to think of this form as meaning "do ... for me."

It is also common to see it this way: 〜てくれませんか. So the sentence:
Would mean:
Could/would you please open the door for me?

A note: くれる is used ONLY for 'give to ME' -- So don't use くれる when asking someone to do a favor for someone else.
For example:
This is OK: 知らない人が私にコーラを買ってくれた。 (A stranger bought a Coke for me.)
This is not: 私は知らない人にコーラを買ってくれた。 (I bought a Coke for a stranger.) Here, あげる (to give [from me]) must be used.

As nprz mentioned, 〜てくれる and 〜てください are similar. They both imply "please do ... for me." 〜てくださる is the polite way to say "someone did something for me"--as in a teacher giving you a book. 教える (おしえる) can also be used with くれる, but it implies more of a favor done by teaching.

When you study the verbs of giving, then you will see better how they are used. ^_^ Good luck! (They are some of the crappiest rules I've studied. >_< In English, it's a LOT simplier!)
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RE: 〜てくれ

Postby skrhgh3b » Wed 10.19.2005 5:25 pm

in levels of descending politeness:


...err, is that about right? (^_^;
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RE: 〜てくれ

Postby Harisenbon » Wed 10.19.2005 8:24 pm

Those are generally correct, but it should be noted that いただく and くださる are used differently. いただく is the polite form of もらう while くださる is the polite form of くれる. Thus, the subject would be different.

先生が来て下さった. -- The teacher came to visit us. (teacher is subject)
(私は)カードをいただきます -- I will take your card. (I am the subject)
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RE: 〜てくれ

Postby ryuubu » Thu 10.20.2005 3:20 am

Can be used in dramatic "anime-esque" situations:

待ってくれ! - WAIT!
助けてくれ! - SAVE ME!


And also, can やがる be used in the imperitive? (〜てやがって)?
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