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Mad 警護question

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Mad 警護question

Postby eu01 » Fri 11.09.2012 11:10 am

From An Intermediate approach to Japanese-

It's this guy calling an Eikaiwa place to find out about a job- I get most of what they are saying- but this sentence I was less clear on...


So- he's calling because he heard from his Sensei that they are searching for eikaiwa teachers- but what I want to know is why they write 横山先生から、そちらで英会話教師を探していらっしゃると伺ったので- in this sentence is he saying that he is asking- と伺った?? or... I get the gist of it (I think) but if someone could explain to me why/how this works I would really appreciate it.

Sorry- I think I might just be nit picky (><)
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Re: Mad 警護question

Postby NileCat » Fri 11.09.2012 5:40 pm

Your translation is fine.

J→E Dictionary
http://dic.yahoo.co.jp/dsearch?enc=UTF- ... x=00339100
Definition 2: <be told>

J→J Dictionary
http://dic.yahoo.co.jp/dsearch?enc=UTF- ... na&stype=0
Definition 1: 「聞く」の謙譲語

And, that is 敬語, not 警護, I guess.
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Re: Mad 警護question

Postby eu01 » Fri 11.09.2012 7:29 pm

Thanks so much NileCat! That helped out a lot! I had forgotten that 伺う also meant listen/hear- so I was really confused- but the pages you gave me were great! Thank youuuuu!! :colonthree:
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