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noun declenison?

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noun declenison?

Postby appleraja » Fri 10.21.2005 8:05 pm

i kno some languages have differnt type of noun decleions for subjects, direct objects, indirect objects, obj of preps. and so on.

and in english i dont think their are ne noun declenisons.
the ball is kicked.
he kicked the ball.
when ball is the subject and the direct object its still written ball.

i was wondering if japanese is like english or it has differnt noun decelnsions for each type of subject , DO, and so on
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RE: noun declenison?

Postby InsanityRanch » Sat 10.22.2005 12:33 am

No, Japanese doesn't change nouns at all. Not even for plural. Most of the time, the plural is unmarked in Japanese, and is known through context.

As for subject, topic, direct object and so on, those are marked by the particles. The nouns themselves don't change.
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RE: noun declenison?

Postby appleraja » Sat 10.22.2005 11:34 am

ah i see, thanks for the answer it would be much harder if nouns changed forms
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