Noobie pronunciation question

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Noobie pronunciation question

Post by Aaron94 » Sun 02.24.2013 3:21 pm

When you say nai is it supposed to be like na-i or ni but the i sounds like eye? So basically are double vowels said seperately or have a new sound?

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Re: Noobie pronunciation question

Post by furrykef » Tue 02.26.2013 3:38 pm

It's like the sound in English "nye" (or however you'd like to spell it; point is, it rhymes with "pie", "sky", etc.), but, if you pay close attention, in English "nye", the "i" at the end is actually more like the "i" in "pit" than a pure "ee" sound. So to pronounce it accurately you need to emphasize the "ee" at the ending a bit. I'm sure you'll be understood either way, but it'd be a good thing to practice, since it would help you distinguish "ai" from "ae".

In songs you will sometimes hear the two vowels pronounced very distinctly, but songs follow different rules of pronunciation. (Indeed, in songs you will often hear the "w" sound pronounced in を!)
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