kutsu o nuide kudasai

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kutsu o nuide kudasai

Post by jmaki77 » Thu 03.07.2013 11:48 pm

Is this the correct way to say "remove your shoes"
I work at an airport checkpoint and deal with many japanese tourists,
need your help

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Re: kutsu o nuide kudasai

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Fri 03.08.2013 12:13 am

That's perfectly understandable if pronounced correctly.

Whether it's correct socially for an airport security person to say that to a tourist I'm not really sure, but since it's not an extended social interaction and you don't really speak Japanese, I don't suppose it matters.

PS: If you have a japanese font installed, you could take


(the Japanese writing of kutsu o nuide kudasai) and cut/paste/scale it, print it out on a card to show, in case your pronunciation isn't understood.

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