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Postby HelplessNexus » Sat 03.23.2013 11:37 pm

Alright, so I have issues with complex sentences in japanese, but this one just makes no sense to me.
Here's the original sentence:
The main portion I'm having issues with would be this section here (I'd still like a complete sentence translation though :sweatdrop: ):

This parts meaning: おいしい物がある is completely obvious.
I also knew that 分けて means "to divide", but I've never seen it paired with やる, nor can I find any translation or grammar page for the pairing.
And, just to add to the confusion, we have 大きらい and おいしい物がある merely separated by a single で, FOLLOWED by 小ぞうさん.
I cannot possibly imagine what 大きらいでおいしい物がある means.

Honestly now, I am just completely and utterly befuddled by this whole sentence :think:
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Re: 分けてやるのが大きらいでおいしい物がある????

Postby Ongakuka » Sun 03.24.2013 12:28 am

て form + やる is like '~てあげる' (give, in this case 分けてやる= 'give/share out.)

note that やる in this sense is a bit condescending to the receiver; the 'giver' is in a position of power. For example:

動物にエサをやる Give the animal food
植物に水をやる Give the plant water

the first sentence is おしょうさんは人に分けてやるのが大きらいだ。 It's joined with the second sentence by turning だ into で like a a kind of て form. You could translate it as 'and.'

The second sentence is おいしい物があると小ぞうさんにかくれてみんな食べてしまいます。

と is a conditional meaning 'if/when.'
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