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Need help with なったら

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Need help with なったら

Postby black_rayne01 » Sat 04.20.2013 6:22 pm

Hey all been looking on and off the site here and there and finally decided to sign up. I have been trying to read the mother goose tales in もっと知りたいマザーグース。I am having trouble trying to figure out what なったら is in the sentence 散歩にいきたくなったら。

I am aware that 散歩 is walk and i believe いきたく is want to go, however i get lost when i come to
なったら. Any help in teaching me to understand that one is widely appreciated.
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Re: Need help with なったら

Postby SomeCallMeChris » Sat 04.20.2013 8:24 pm


When asking for translation help, it really helps a lot if you provide context, ideally the sentence before and the sentence after and a description of what's going on in the story at the point where your question occurs.

Anyway, in this case, なったら is surely the たら conjugation of 成る (to become), so it means either
'If (subj) were to start wanting to go for a walk...' or (more probably) 'When (subj) started wanting to go for a walk...'.
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Re: Need help with なったら

Postby sampaguita » Mon 04.22.2013 4:34 am

SomeCallMeChris is spot on! What happens here is:

いきたい ---> いきたくなる

The たら form of なる is なったら.
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