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View topic - 毎年 - まいねん vs まいとし

毎年 - まいねん vs まいとし

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毎年 - まいねん vs まいとし

Postby phreadom » Sun 04.21.2013 4:32 pm

I've been seeing this both ways, and I'm wondering what the difference is, if any? :think:

Is this purely a subjective style choice? Is there a slight nuance difference depending on which you use? Is it a regional thing?

I've seen a lot of things saying that both are in common use, but I've also seen people say that they've been corrected not to use まいねん by a native... so it seems like there is at least some difference in accepted usage depending on who you ask.
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Re: 毎年 - まいねん vs まいとし

Postby shin1ro » Tue 07.02.2013 10:40 am

Hi, I'm native Japanese.
I hope I'm not rude to reply to this rather old post...

I believe まいねん and まいとし is exactly the same in their meanings.

To my personal impression, まいとし is used more frequently.
But I strongly believe its incorrect (just less frequent) to use まいねん.
In my impression, まいねん is used sometimes in formal situations but I still think まいとし is used more both casual and formal situations.

There may be a tendency of the frequency depending on where to be spoken,
but even so, I don't think まいねん is a regional word.

英語がおかしければご指摘ください(日本語も...)。サンキュ〜 ;-)
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