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日曜日に vs 日曜日は

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日曜日に vs 日曜日は

Postby ArthurK » Fri 06.28.2013 2:12 pm

I'm studying Japanese from Genki 1. In one of the lessons it states that you use the particle に with concrete time, and then it demonstrates it using the days of the week. However, almost everywhere else in the book it uses the はparticle. I've even been corrected here: http://lang-8.com/618593/journals/16885 ... %2580%2582 .

So do you use に or は with the days of the week? Really confused.
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Re: 日曜日に vs 日曜日は

Postby SomeCallMeChris » Sun 06.30.2013 10:39 pm

Days of the week are nouns like any other, and depending on what you want to say, any of
could be the start of a sentence, and although -most- time-designations go early in a sentence, days of the week are still nouns that can be used elsewhere in a sentence. (僕は月曜日が大嫌いです for example, if you wanted to be particularly literal in saying 'I hate Mondays').

日曜日は忙しいです in particular is because the sentence is like 'Sunday is busy (for me)'.
Just as you wouldn't say 'On Sunday is busy' you don't use 「に」 here.

As for times when you -do- use に ... I'm don't really trust myself to write a perfect sentence, but there are many sentences you can see here that were at least written by natives (although many of them are translations from English), so they should be somewhat natural:
http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=%E6%9B%9C ... %AB&ref=sa
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