Speaking/Listening vs Writing/Reading

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Speaking/Listening vs Writing/Reading

Post by Xekaz » Mon 08.12.2013 2:47 am

So, My primary goal is to speak and understand Japanese.
Though I've been learning to read/write it. Learning Kana, Hiragana.
And I understand how reading and writing hiragana can help with speaking & listening to Japanese, but only to an extent.
How exactly, after learning how to read & write japanese (Hiragana), will I learn to speak/ understand it, from there?

Yes, i want to learn to write and read it as well, but I'd rather know how to speak and understand it (by listening).

How do the two interlace with eachother?
How does one effect the other?
How do i speak and listen to it, if i only know how to read and write it?
Any other info that could be useful?

(I prefer a PM rather a comment, for quickest response and more organized conversation between us). :)
Either way is fine.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Speaking/Listening vs Writing/Reading

Post by ashleywells2417 » Mon 12.02.2013 11:11 am

Well if you can read and write you can't speak? Are you doubt the correct pronunciation or each word?

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