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Post by h3lladvocate » Sat 11.05.2005 8:22 pm

What are the rules for the order in which you write the strokes in japanese? I cant seem to find anywhere that tells me.

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RE: Strokes

Post by nprz » Sat 11.05.2005 9:00 pm

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RE: Strokes

Post by mandolin » Sun 11.06.2005 5:39 am

I have learned to write approximately 20 kanji rather well from memory. Now, I can look at a kanji I have never seen before and be mostly correct on the stroke orders.

Honestly, I think it's as easy as practicing with a guide that spells out the stroke orders for you. Once you've done a bunch, it starts to make sense... the flow of it ends up very natural. :)

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