Ice cream in Scoop Shops in Japan (I need help)

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Ice cream in Scoop Shops in Japan (I need help)

Post by ninakaroline » Sat 01.04.2014 4:29 pm

Hello everyone, I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but I'm looking for people living in Japan and unfortunately I do not know any . I really need your help! I'm a danish student at Copenhagen Business School and I'm currently investigating the buying of ice cream in scoop shops in Japan with focus on Ben & Jerry's. I would be very happy if some of you would answer 7 questions about this topic since I need the result at my exam the 16th of january. I really need your help! Thank you so much.

1. When buying ice cream in scoop shops what is most important (price, quality, flavor, experience, service?) Please rank the most important 3 factors (where 1 is what matters the most)

2. Based on the above answer (the most important factors to you when buying ice cream in scoop shops), which company fulfills your needs best. Please rank the 3 best companies (1-3, where 1 is best).

3. Who are biggest/most known on the Japanese ice cream scoop shop market (B&J's, Coldstone, Baskin Robbins or other??) Please rank the 3 biggest

4. Who are Ben & Jerry's biggest competitor in Japan (looking at the scoop shop market)?

5. What separates Ben & Jerry's from their competitors?

6. How are the prices on ice cream in scoop shops? Is it almost the same prices or are there some companies who are cheap and others expensive? Please mention some companies in competition with Ben & Jerry's and their prices approx.

7. What are your favorite ice cream scoop shop, and why?

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