Grammar with counters

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Grammar with counters

Post by 赤い竜 » Fri 08.29.2014 3:23 pm

Hi everyone :)!

I'm 赤い竜 and I'm new to these forums.

I've been learning Japanese by myself on and off for a while but hadn't progressed much because I put all of my efforts into my university work.

Anyway, when using counters, I have seen sentences that use both 一杯の水 and 水を一杯. What's the difference between these forms, and when would you use them and why? I think I read somewhere that you should use the latter when ordering food, items etc.

Thanks :)

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Re: Grammar with counters

Post by Ranja » Wed 09.03.2014 9:49 pm


一杯の水 is a phrase corresponding to 'a glass of water', but 水を一杯 is not.

水を一杯 is a part of a sentence as in
水を一杯(ください)please give me a glass of water
水を一杯(のみます)(I) drink a glass of water

In the above examples, 水を is a direct object of a verb, whereas 一杯 here behaves like an adverb specifying the quantity of water.

Saying 一杯の水をください is not wrong. It is just a convention in Japanese to say 水を一杯ください.

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Re: Grammar with counters

Post by arooj » Thu 12.18.2014 1:45 am


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