Word Order / Grammatical Structure

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Word Order / Grammatical Structure

Post by アミーヌ » Thu 10.02.2014 2:17 am

I've been studying Japanese for 7 months now..? ughh with frequent breaks here and there, I've got hiro/kata and a couple of kanjis down with enough particles like (は、が、に、けど、と、なっかた、せん) to make small cute sentences.. I'm having serious issues trying to put things in places or understand how its suppose be written.. If its a short sentence I can understand decently, the longer it gets the worse it becomes for me to grasp.. Any tips for this problem.


y suzu
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Re: Word Order / Grammatical Structure

Post by y suzu » Wed 12.10.2014 7:59 pm

Basically は and が come after the subject.
 I am Tom. 私はトムです。
が is used when you like to emphasis the subject.
 ''I'' am Tom. 私がトムです。

が(used as 'but') comes after the first sentence.
 I went there, but Tom didn't go. 

に  comes after an indirect object.xxxに (for/to xxx)
 I wrote a letter to Tom.

けど comes after ''sentence(+です/ます)''.
 Today it rains, but I can go.

と(used as 'then') comes after the verb.
 When I went there, (then) he was not there.

なかった comes after the verb/adverb.
 I didn't go.

せん comes ''verb+ません(polite)''
The negative form of ます is 'ません'.
 I won't go.
I hope it would help you.

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