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い in kanji

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い in kanji

Postby midnight_walker » Thu 01.08.2015 9:05 am


I often see the hiragana い in shodo as part of the kanji.

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I'm wondering if it's called something else in kanji or if it's just the hiragana "i"?
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Re: い in kanji

Postby daedalus_net » Thu 01.08.2015 3:31 pm

It's not an い. It just looks that way because of the movement of the brush when written. As far as I'm aware, it's actually a 八. In the same sense that "火" become "灬" in radical form, "八" can become "丷". Im not sure how (if) you can say it in Japanese. I'm not 100% sure so if anyone can correct me I'd be happy to learn ^_^. Hope this helps :)
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Re: い in kanji

Postby y suzu » Mon 01.19.2015 4:55 am

They are three kanjis

, so not hiragana い.
In this case, the parts of kanji coincidentally happen to look llike hiragana い.
So there is no relationship with hiragana い.
I hope it would help.
y suzu
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