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Personal Pronoun plural

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Personal Pronoun plural

Postby Budomaru » Wed 11.09.2005 11:08 am

To make a personal pronoun plural you add -tachi at the end right? however, what if, for example, a woman wants to say "us" but includes male subjects in the statement? will she say "watashitachi" or can she also say "atashitachi" since she is a woman? likewise can a man say "oretachi" and include women in the statement?
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RE: Personal Pronoun plural

Postby AJBryant » Wed 11.09.2005 11:35 am

Since the principal pronoun in any first person (singular or plural) is the person speaking (the "first person") it sets the tone. A man addressing a thousand women can use "ore-tachi" and a woman addressing the entire collective priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church can say "atashi-tachi."

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