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Polite language with parents?

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Polite language with parents?

Postby Nihongo No Gakusei » Tue 06.30.2015 12:36 pm

When talking to parents, do you use です instead of だ and ます forms of verbs? I know that you don't do that stuff when talking to friends and people you know well and I definitely know my parents well, but is it disrespectful to use casual language?
Nihongo No Gakusei
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Re: Polite language with parents?

Postby richvh » Wed 07.01.2015 10:10 am

From what I've read, children don't really learn desu/masu form until school. I don't think desu/masu is usually used in a family situation, though you use respectful terms when addressing parents and older siblings (okaasan, otousan, oneesan, oniisan).
Richard VanHouten
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Re: Polite language with parents?

Postby DynamicBison » Sun 07.05.2015 11:59 am

If you're homestaying (is this even a word? Lol), I think it's acceptable to tone your Japanese down a little because as richvh wrote, kids, even adults, talk to their parents in casual Japanese. Personally, when talking to my Japanese friends' parents, I always use desu/masu. I would show the same respect to my friends' parents back home as well.
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