ki ni suru/naru?

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ki ni suru/naru?

Post by rencya6 » Sat 03.05.2016 6:03 am

hey there. Could anyone explain "ki ni suru" and "ki ni naru" to me? I wasn't able to find an explanation and since in any dictionary I've checked both are given about twenty meanings, they're kinna hard to grasp. This has been bothering me, so I'd appreciate any piece of information :wink:

y suzu
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Re: ki ni suru/naru?

Post by y suzu » Tue 07.05.2016 2:01 am

I'm a native Japanese, so i mightn't give you a correct answer grammatically..But i hope it may be some help.

(someone) は (sth) ga ki ni naru is used for something happing "now(at the time) around the person" and the subject is the "something"

(someone) は (sth)をki ni suru focusses on the state of mind of the "someone" and the "sth" is the object.

tabako no kemuri ga ki ni narimasu ka?
Is the smoke of the tobacco bothering you (now)?

doudemo ii koto wo ki ni site simaimasu.
I often care about subtle things.

i welcome to help my answer and re-ask!

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Re: ki ni suru/naru?

Post by Setaceau » Thu 07.28.2016 12:11 am

Hi! I'm glad to see this question.
気にする Kini Suru means you are care of something with your own will.
気になる Kini Naru means you don't want to care of something but it attracts you.
Just like distract means something bothers you to concentrate on your main concerns
because the something attracts you.
Kini naru includes lovely nuance sometimes like below typical conversation.
"I Kini Naru him." "Oh, it sounds like you love him." "No way, I don't mean that.
I don't even want to Kini Suru him but..." "I know, I know."

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