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Postby randomerror » Mon 11.21.2005 10:34 pm

I recieved an email from my penpal that I am confused on this line...


I broke it down to
日本のことについて - about Japanese things
聞きたい - Want to hear

but I don't understand the"あったら聞いて" part. According to WWWJDIC, あったら means "alas/regrettably" but I don't get it... Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe the line means "I want to hear about Japanese things regrettably heard"?
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RE: あったら聞いて

Postby Justin » Mon 11.21.2005 10:47 pm

Your friend there is just asking...

"If there's anything you'd like to ask (me) about Japan (feel free to) ask away."

The あったら that seems to be messing you up a bit, is just the conditional form of ある which gives you that "if there's..." meaning.
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RE: あったら聞いて

Postby randomerror » Tue 11.22.2005 4:35 pm

Oh, I understand now. Thanks, Justin!
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