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-さ? ご prefix?

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-さ? ご prefix?

Postby mandolin » Wed 11.23.2005 6:33 pm

OK, I'm sorry up front that my text here is a verse from a song.... *cough cough*

I actually have a couple of questions... (numbering the lines for reference)

1 大きなのっぽの古時計
2  おじいさんの時計
3  百年いつも動いてた
4  ご自慢の時計さ
5  おじいさんの生まれた朝に
6  買ってきた時計さ
7  いまはもう動かない その時計

Line 1 - what is 「のっぽ」? I've tried my j-lookup and I can't figure it out. With most verbs/adjectives/whatever, I can manage to un-conjugate or at least search with half a word and a wildcard. But this one's eluding me.

line 4 - 「自慢」 is pride. What is the prefix 「ご」 for?
line 4 again - 「時計さ」 What's the purpose of さ tacked to the end of the noun? (Seen again in line 6)

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RE: -さ? ご prefix?

Postby Harisenbon » Wed 11.23.2005 7:43 pm

のっぽ means very tall. Such as のっぽビル means a highrise.

ご is the honorific prefix (much like お). It is attached to certain words to make them more polite.

さ is a sentence ending that adds a softer, casual ending to the sentence.

Hope that helps.
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RE: -さ? ご prefix?

Postby mandolin » Wed 11.23.2005 7:56 pm

Most definately! As always, thanks Harisenbon-san! Doumo!
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