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Printable Kanji list

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Printable Kanji list

Postby CroZ » Sat 11.26.2005 3:24 pm

I'm just starting Kanji now and I was wondering if someone could show me a site with just one page of the Kanji alphabet and the translations. You know, so if I print them out they'll be on the same page.
I saw the Kanji on this site but I have to click on them for the translation, and I can't print out every link page too.
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RE: Printable Kanji list

Postby mandolin » Sat 11.26.2005 4:11 pm

I'd stop calling it an alphabet right away. Kanji isn't an alphabet, they're whole words.

There are over 3000 kanji in Japanese, you're not going to find them all on one page. You get entire -books- of kanji with meanings.

If you want hiragana and katakana along with their pronounciations, there are nice charts available on my link at the bottom of this post.

There are also charts with the kanji grouped together by what year they're taught in japanese schools. First Grade Kanji, Second Grade Kanji, and so on.

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RE: Printable Kanji list

Postby ryuubu » Wed 11.30.2005 1:03 am

Well, if you're being pedantic about it, there are over 80,000 kanji. Try aim for 2,000 for now. With a short term goal of about 100.
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