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Itte kimasu?

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Itte kimasu?

Postby Akuma » Wed 11.30.2005 4:23 am

According to Pimsleur, the way to say "I'm leaving" is "Itte kimasu." I know that "itte" is conjugated from "iku", but what about "kimasu" ? I would think that it wouldn't be a conjugation of "kiru (to wear)." My only guess is that it is a special way of saying "imasu" (as in, "hanashite imasu", which would be "Am speaking"). I just wanted to be sure though and not get any wrong ideas in my head.
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RE: Itte kimasu?

Postby ShounenSuki » Wed 11.30.2005 4:37 am

If I'm not mistaken, then "kimasu" comes from "kuru," "to come"
Ittekimasu in kanji would be 行って来ます
行って, from 行く "t go"
来ます from 来る "to come"
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RE: Itte kimasu?

Postby zengargoyle » Wed 11.30.2005 5:09 am

行って来ます (いってきます) is a set-phrase said when leaving somewhere that you'll be returning to later on. like leaving the house in the morning, sort of a "see you later" or "i'm going now, be back before supper" type of thing. kuru is irregular so you just have to know from context in this case.
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